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Become a Partner Hotel, affiliate or advertising partners of Aphrodite Travel


  • No more credit card fees, because credit card charges we carry for you.
  • Attracting new customers from other countries.
  • Increase your occupancy rate
  • Your hotel will be seen by potential customers in more than 40 countries.
  • Only in case of a successful mediation you incur costs.

Partner Hotel, affiliate or advertising partners

You own a hotel, a villa, a boat or a tourist developed resort?
Then become a Partner of Aphrodite Travel

The Lifestyle Business is one of the few business areas where there are more customers than hotel offers. Open your doors to a new audience and fill your beds. Whether as a "stopgap" for booking weak weeks, for a fixed travel time or open your hotel completely to the lifestyle Business. Aphrodite Travel is the right partner at your side.

We offer 3 different options to cooperate with us: as a partner hotel, an affiliate or an advertiser.

Become a Partner Hotel

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If you ownor manage a hotel, a villa, a boat or a touristy developed holiday project, than open it to a new target group. Both, in the nude and in the Lifestyle Business are more customers than hotels. Especially offers with a functioning tourist infrastructure in a 3 - 5-star category are in demand.

Naturist Hotels

Naturist hotels have usually max. 50 rooms and are located in the 3 star range. there is not a boutique hotel and not a 5 star hotel In Europe which served the target group of Naturists. Today naturism is more than just a lifestyle of a few, more and more hotels reserve individual areas on their hotel premises for naturist fans, the Couples Resort Tower Isle in Jamaica have its own small island for naturist friends. The hotel itself serve the target group of couples. Some hotels in Europe have made roof terraces or pools to a nudist area.

Swinger Hotels

Swinger vacations are popular, the market is growing. Swinger hotels serve customers from all walks of life. There are both, inexpensive offers as La Mirage Swingers in Gran Canaria as well as high-priced hotels like the Desire Resorts in Mexico or Hedonism 2 Resort in Jamaica.

All hotels have a high occupancy and are booked by customers from around the world. Prices for swingers hotels are on average 20% higher than the normal tourist hotels.


You should own or manage a facility with at least 10 rooms, each room must have a private bathroom. Your hotel should offer catering or the possibility that you can prepare your own meals. You have normal office hours and the office should be available by telephone during this time. Your hotel has a tourism infrastructure such as reception, sports and leisure facilities, pool, restaurant and/or kitchens in the rooms.


We work with partner hotels on commission. Only in case of a successful mediation you incur costs. So that we can make you an offer, please send us an email with the name and contact details of the owner / manager, name and address of the hotel as well as the URL of the website.

Advertising partners

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Promote your offer on the Aphrodite Travel website and arrange all bookings alone. You will receive all inquiries/bookings directly. You take care to answer customers' requests. You benefit from the infrastructure of our website where customers can directly place reservations with you and also that many customers use our website as a source of information and visit your website to book directly with you.

Minimum requirements

In order to guarantee the quality on our website, your offer must have the same information content as our partner hotels which you can see on our website. Descriptions and images must be made available by you. Your offer must be written in the native language of the country where your hotel or Villa is located. Furthermore, we translate it into another language, so that your offer exists in min. 2 languages. For a fee, we translate your offer in other languages if you want show your offer on the relevant websites of Aphrodite Travel (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch). Your offer will be shown on our website for a period of minimum 1 year. The offer is characterized as "Advertising".

Please note, that we do not accept advertising from dissimilar offers (no clubs, shops or websites), exclusively offers with accommodation opportunities are advertised by us.

Advertising costs

The cost of advertising on our website are to be paid for 1 year in advance.
The price per month is 100.- Euro (excl. 19% VAT.)

All inquiries and bookings will be directly forwarded to you. The processing of inquiries and bookings is exclusively yours.


Image and text material must be non-pornographic, racist nor vulgar. We reserve the right not to publish an advertisement if image or text material not meet the specifications. Text material may not be copied 1 to 1 from a different source. 1 link to your website is allowed.

What is needed from you

Whether as a partner hotel, affiliate or advertiser, we need the following information from you:

Before we can start:

  • Name and contact details of the owner / manager
  • Name and address of your offer
  • Business registration if you register an affiliate
  • URL of your website

Once you have accepted our offer:

  • Descriptions (fact sheets) and images of your offer
  • Account details if you register a affiliate or a Partner Hotel
  • Terms and conditions if you register a affiliate or a Partner Hotel
  • Prices and booking conditions if you register a affiliates or a Partner Hotel