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Aphrodite NewsRepeat customer benefits for Desire Riviera Maya Resorts and Temptation Cancun / Miches / Grand Miches Resorts
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  • 14.07.2022 · Reading time 2 minutes
Desire Riviera Maya Resorts und Temptation Cancun / Miches / Grand Miches Resorts

Aphrodite Travel repeat customer benefits

Aphrodite Travel has customers who have been traveling with us since we opened in 2004 and since that time they have also been visiting the Desire Riviera Maya Resort or Temptation Cancun Resort and later also the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort through us on a regular basis. At that time, you could still afford to visit the hotels more than once a year because the room rates were still very low.

This changed over time and the prices went continuously higher. This is also the reason why we now offer further discounts for our regular customers of Desire Riviera Maya Resorts & Temptation Cancun / Miches / Grand Miches Resorts when making reservations and for services in the hotels.

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We are proud and grateful for our regular customers

Even in times like now in the pandemic, it has been shown that our regular customers who have continued to stick with us and put your trust in us, made it possible to stay in the market. We are a small company that has to compete against large competitors, whether through performance, price or personal attention. We are happy to do so and are always available, for better or for worse.

The current offer is valid for all customers who have booked or want to book at Aphrodite Travel at least three times one of the hotels, i.e. Desire Riviera Maya Resort, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, Temptation Cancun Resort and also the new hotels Temptation Grand Miches Resort and Temptation Miches Resort Have booked or want to book.

We offer the following discounts:

  • 10% extra room discount when booking, can be combined with existing hotel discounts. For example, in 2023 bookable room discounts are possible up to 40% depending on the season, with our additional discount it will be up to 50%.
    At this time, the discount cannot be combined with the current discounts for the new Temptation Grand Miches Resort and Temptation Miches Resort hotels, as they are opening rates.
  • 10% off Fantasy Menus for erotic togetherness.
  • 15% discount on all goods and also the jewelry in the Logoshop.
  • 10 % discount for spa treatments.
  • 15% discount on wines from the wine list.

Of course, private airport transfers for 7 nights or more at Desire Riviera Maya Resorts and Temptation Cancun Resort are included for our customers when making reservations. We will be happy to continue our efforts to accommodate your room requests or a lounge bed on the beach.

Your vacation is important to us and we want you to have the best and most enjoyable vacation possible.

In this sense, stay healthy
Your Aphrodite Travel Team