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Cancellation questions and answers

  • Cancellation costs airport transfer


    In case of cancellation of an airport transfer we charge 20 € per person. This fee is also due if you do not take the airport transfer. Please note that further costs of the service provider may be added.

  • Cancellation costs flight


    Flights are booked externally and the cancellation conditions of the respective airline(s) apply, which we will inform you about before booking the flight.

  • Cancellation costs for package tours


    For package tours, our ARB apply, which you can download here, unless special payment and cancellation conditions have been invoked.

  • Cancellation fees for mediations


    In case you have to cancel a hotel, we will charge you 40 € per person.

  • Free hotel cancellations


    In order to be able to cancel your hotel reservation free of charge, your cancellation must be received by us in writing no later than 6 pm (CET) on the last day of the free cancellation period. If the last day of the free cancellation period falls on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or a public holiday, the last day of the free cancellation period is the last working day by 3 pm.

    Until when you can cancel a hotel free of charge, please also refer to your offer and your hotel invoice. We will also show you this information on our website before booking.

  • Where can I find the information about the cancellation policy?


    Each hotel has its own cancellation policy, which you will find detailed during the booking process before you book a hotel. When sending an offer or the invoice, the cancellation conditions are also listed.

    Package tours

    For package tours our ARB apply, which you can download here. You will also receive the ARB by e-mail with each offer and invoice.

    Group travel

    For group tours or charter cruises, special payment and cancellation conditions apply, which you can find in the offer and the invoice. Furthermore, before booking, the cancellation conditions will be displayed in detail during the booking process.