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Questions and answers about the cruises

Setting sail on a cruise soon or just curious about the world of ocean-bound leisure? You've docked at the right port! Our FAQ Cruises section is designed to anchor your queries, from the simplest to the most intricate, about cruising. Whether you're a first-time sailor or a seasoned traveler of the high seas, our Q&A guide is here to ensure you navigate your cruise journey with confidence and clarity.

  • Arrival


    The first commandment on a cruise: "The ship does not wait!"
    If you start a cruise with a port of departure outside the EU, we recommend that you arrive at least one day before the start of the cruise. In this case an additional overnight stay will be necessary. Please note that we do not arrange flights that arrive on the same day as the cruise departure.

    If your cruise starts in the months of November - February, we recommend that you include flight delays or cancellations, depending on the chosen flight route, as these occur frequently. Furthermore, you should, if possible, always choose a non-stop flight.

  • How do I book a cruise?


    You can make a reservation for a cruise directly on our website. To do this, first click on the category (menu at the top of the header) on our website: Cruises. Select the desired cruise and click on the button More information. You will then be taken to the page with the desired cruise.

    To book a cabin, please click on the button: Book now in the blue box, next to the route. You will be taken to the page where we will show you all the cabins available on the ship. Select your desired cabin type. If you would like a specific cabin number guaranteed on a specific deck please include this information in the form.

    Please note that there is a charge for a desired cabin. Please refer the table of charges for the amount of the charges.

  • How do I pay on board?


    All purchases and services (e.g. SPA) on the cruise ship will be charged to the on-board expense account of your cabin and will be paid cashless.

  • Online Check-in (Manifest)


    In order for the online check-in process to run smoothly and for you to receive all the necessary documents for your cruise, online check-in should be completed as soon as possible after you have been notified of your reservation number. At the latest 72 hours before the cruise departure. Upon request, we will prepare the manifest for you. There is a charge for this service. Please refer the table of charges for the amount of the charges.

    If you did not check-in online, you must be at the pier at least 2-3 hours early. Only with the SetSail Pass and if the luggage is marked with the luggage tag, you will go to the designated areas for the SetSail Pass. Here you will need to show your documents for validation on board the ship and then your cruise can begin. Exact boarding times are noted on your "Guest Vacation" document. Please pay attention to these times because you are not allowed to board the ship before.

  • What to do in case of disability or special needs?


    People with disabilities or special needs are always welcome on board. To ensure that all special needs are properly taken care of and to ensure a pleasant experience during your vacation, we need information from you in advance, which must be answered through a questionnaire.

    Please return this questionnaire to us in a timely manner.

  • You are not allowed to take that on board?


    Illegal drugs, weapons and anything that could jeopardize the safety of other passengers aboard the cruise ship. This includes: candles, incense, coffee makers, irons, travel steamers, and hot plates (items that generate heat or produce an open flame, heating pads, clothes irons, hot plates, and any other item that may pose a fire hazard).