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Charges-Prices for services
Charges 2023

Prices for services

Services Hotel

Designation Charges
Hotel cancellation 40 € per person
Hotel rebooking (first rebooking free of charge) each further 20 € per person
Booking your desired room (not available at all hotels) 39 € per room
Booking of a hotel which we do not have in our program 25 € per room
Book hotel on option 20 € per room
Pay hotel in installments 20 € per process

Services flight

Designation Charges
Cancellation airport transfer 25 € per person
Rebooking airport transfer(first rebooking free of charge) jede weitere 25 € per person
Mediation of flights (incl. notifications in case of flight time change or cancellation) 60 € per flight / per person
Additional flight services (Seat reservation, Xl-Sitze oder Rail & Fly, Online check-in etc.) after flight booking 25 € per person
Flight on option (max. 3 days) 30 € per person

Services cruises

Designation Charges
Installment cruise (up to the 3rd installment free of charge) 35 € per further installment
Booking your desired cabin 39 € per cabin
Manifesto for your cruise 39 € per person

Charges are non-refundable. All prices incl. 19% VAT.
Valid as of 17.10.2022

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