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Questions and answers about the hotels from our program

  • Airport transfer


    There are three different airport transfers:

    1.) Hotel airport transfer (free of charge or extra payment on site) or upon reservation)
    2.) Airport shuttle service (cheapest option, no direct hotel transfer, several stops in between must be expected).
    3.) Private airport transfer (airport-hotel-airport), direct transfer, without hiss stops from the airport to the hotel and back on the day of departure.

    For airport transfer information, please refer to the respective hotel page.

    Your flight details

    Please note: We cannot arrange airport transfers for you if you do not provide us with your exact flight details

    An airport transfer that was duly offered to you but is not used by you cannot be refunded.

    You can find more information to airport transfer here.

  • Fees and charges


    We do not charge any processing fees for reservations of hotels from our program.

    For some services we charge fees. Please refer to the table of charges to see which services these are and the amount of the fees.

  • How to book a hotel on our website


    You can make a reservation for a hotel directly on our website. To do this, first click on the desired category (menu at the top of the header) on our website.: Lifestyle, Naturist Hotels or Adults only You will then be taken to the hotel selection page, where we will show you a complete selection of hotels in the desired category. You choose your desired hotel by clicking on the button "More information" and go directly to the desired hotel information page.

    On the hotel page we show you all rooms with the lowest "from room price" of a season, or all available prices. The from-room prices should give you a quick overview in which price category a room is located.

    Only when you specify your desired travel time (check-in and check-out), the room category and the number of travelers, the total stay price for the desired room category and all travelers will be displayed.

    Please note that you can choose the check-out date only according to the minimum stay of the hotel.

    Different price options

    Some hotels may have different reservation options for one room. The same room may be displayed several times with different services/conditions and with different prices.

    Example 1:

    You want to book a room with sea view.
    You will be shown the room at different prices with B&B (accommodation and breakfast) and with an all-inclusive board. Both variants have different prices. Now choose your desired room.

    Example 2:

    You want to book a room with sea view.
    Once you see the room with the usual payment and cancellation terms and another time at a more favorable special price with immediate payment of the total price of the stay and 100% cancellation fee. Now choose your desired room.

    By clicking on the button "continue to booking" you will be redirected to the reservation page, where you can follow the reservation process.

  • Hotels on request


    If there are no prices available for your requested travel time, you will see a request button. Clicking on the button will take you to our inquiry form, where you can submit your request. We will check the price and availability and send you an offer by email as soon as possible.

  • Hotel / customer reviews


    All customers receive an e-mail from us after the end of their hotel stay, with the request to rate the vacation hotel. In this email there is a link that will take you to the hotel rating page.

    We ask you to fill out the hotel review form completely. All fields are mandatory and as such marked with a *. After you have saved the form, you will receive a confirmation email from us that we have credited your bonus points to your customer account. If you want to collect the bonus points, please let us know. Otherwise, we will automatically deduct the bonus points from the price of your stay with your next booking. You can find more information about the bonus points here.

    Calculation of the hotel rating

    We determine your rating from 5 detailed ratings: Service, room, catering, cleanliness and overall impression. For each of these detailed ratings you can assign 1 to 5 stars. We determine from your data, the average rating of your stay in your vacation hotel. We publish the detailed ratings as well as the average rating on our website, with your rating. From all submitted average ratings we determine the hotel rating, which we show you on the hotel page, the rating pages and the preview page.

    We display stars in the ratings as whole stars (either rounded up or down). Below, under "Rating", we show you exactly how high the average value of all ratings is.

  • Images and sizes


    Please note: the booked room may vary in equipment and design to the displayed image. We make every effort to provide our customers with authentic images. However, these pictures are only for your viewing. We use decorative pictures, if no picture material is provided by the hotel. These images are clearly marked.

    Room sizes

    We receive the information about the room sizes from the hotels. These are always approximate. Unless otherwise specified, the sizes always include all areas that are accessible to the guest in the room. Information about distances always refers to the shortest way.

  • Reservation process


    After you have displayed the total stay price, select the desired room and click on the button "continue to booking", you will then be taken to an overview page. You have not booked anything yet! On the overview page we show you your selection once again in detail.

    This includes the check-in, check-out day and time, the room category, the number of travelers and the total stay price for all travelers. If it is a special price, you will be made aware of it again and the separate reservation details will be displayed. Furthermore, you will see which services are included and which type of catering is included in the stay price. Also listed are the cancellation conditions, price information, hotel policies and other important information.

    Coupon code

    If you have received a voucher code from us, you can enter it on the page in the box voucher code and redeem it. The amount will be deducted and charged directly from the total price of the stay, provided that the code is valid.

    Persönliche Daten

    If you have checked the data and everything corresponds to your wishes fill out the fields with your personal data completely. We collect only the data that are necessary for billing and that are requested by the hotels when making a reservation from us.

    Of course we process your personal data according to the valid data protection law.

    Finally, you must accept our terms and conditions and confirm that you have read the cancellation policy, the hotel policy and the privacy policy and that you agree to the storage of your data.


    To complete the booking, click on the button Book now for a fee. In case of a successful transmission, you will be redirected to a page that confirms that we have received your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email from us in the following 10 minutes. In this email you will find all the information you have entered on our website. Please note that the confirmation of receipt is not yet a booking confirmation. Only upon receipt of the invoice (booking confirmation) and after payment you will receive your hotel voucher. We will send you the invoice immediately after the hotel has confirmed your stay.

  • Your desired room at the hotel


    We will gladly transmit your room request to the hotel, but without guarantee. If the desired room is free, they will be happy to accommodate your request.

    If you wish to have a specific room number guaranteed, this is subject to a charge. Please see the table of charges for the price.