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Questions and answers about hotel transfers

  • Airport transfer cancel


    You can cancel your airport transfer at any time, please note that cancellation fees may apply. Information on cancellation fees can be found on the invoice or hotel voucher.

    An airport transfer that is duly offered to you but not used by you is tantamount to a cancellation.

  • Changes of transfers


    If you change the transfer times or the destination(s), you are obliged to pay for these services yourself. If you do not use services that were properly offered to you, a refund, even partial, is unfortunately excluded. The 1st rebooking of the airport transfer is free of charge, any further rebooking or change is subject to a fee. Please refer the table of charges for the amount of the charges.

  • Complimentary airport transfers


    If your reservation includes a free airport transfer, it will be provided exclusively from the airport to the booked hotel and from the booked hotel to the airport. Unfortunately, we can not offer free airport transfers to hotels that were not booked through us. Upon request, these airport transfers will be organized for a fee.

    No changes regarding the destination are possible for a free airport transfer. Offsetting or crediting (even partially) to other transfers is not possible.

  • Flight time change / flight cancellations


    If you receive a flight time change or your flight has been cancelled, you must notify us of these changes immediately. Flight time changes of a few hours do not need to be communicated to us.

    If the flight number, the day of arrival or the last airport before arrival changes, please inform us about these changes immediately. Of course you can also contact the transfer company directly, you can find the corresponding contact details on the airport transfer information sheet or in the hotel voucher.

  • Hotel own airport transfers


    Some hotels have their own airport shuttle service.
    If you use it, we will send your flight details to the hotel and the airport transfer will be organized by the hotel. There is no transfer voucher in this case. Hotel airport transfers can be free of charge or are offered for a fee. Airport transfers with costs are paid directly on the ground.

    Please refer to our privacy policy to see what data we provide to the hotel or transfer company.

  • Hotel transfers (general procedure)


    We work exclusively with reliable and approved local transfer companies.
    We make sure that the companies have all the necessary insurance and that the vehicles are maintained and serviced.

    The drivers are trained and have of course the appropriate licenses to drive a vehicle of the booked class.

    Please note that we only arrange this service and do not perform it ourselves or offer it on our own account. This also applies in the case of a package tour.

    The services, will be performed as described in the hotel voucher.

    If you book an airport transfer the following services are included:

    • The transfer from the airport to the hotel and on the day of departure from the hotel back to the airport.
      The price is designed for 2 people including 2 pieces of luggage and hand luggage.

    The driver will be waiting for you at the agreed meeting point.
    If your plane is delayed, you do not need to worry, the drivers will check the arrival times of your flight. In case your flight is delayed, you don't need to worry about anything.

    However, if your flight is cancelled or rescheduled to another day, please call us (+49 30 340 92 963) or send us an email so that we can re-arrange the transfer. If you do not call, do not send us an e-mail or you do not show up at the meeting point (no-show), the driver will wait for you for max. 45 minutes. A refund of the transfer price will be excluded in this case, you will incur 100% cancellation costs due to "no-show".

    The return transfer from the hotel to the airport will continue as agreed. The driver will wait for you in the lobby about 3 hours before your departure. Route changes, date changes, etc. must be agreed with the driver or the head office and paid extra on the spot. Transfers that are offered to you free of charge or included cannot be credited or refunded to you.

  • Your flight details


    In order for us to organize an airport transfer for you, we need your flight details. (Name of the airline, flight number, arrival time/departure time with date and time, name of the last airport before arrival). You can send us your flight details by phone or by e-mail. If you have booked a flight with us, you do not need to submit the flight details.

    When do we need your flight details?

    We need the flight details at least 72 hours before arrival at the hotel. If we do not receive the flight details, unfortunately we cannot arrange airport transfers. If we receive the flight details too late, we can only arrange the return transfer. Please note that in this case you will not receive a transfer voucher from us.

    If we have organized the airport transfer, you will receive a transfer voucher and information about the transfer. Please print the transfer voucher and hand it to the driver upon arrival. If you have not received a transfer voucher, please inform us by phone or email.