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Dress code

The dress code
How to dress properly for your holiday

Casual, smart casual, formal casual and dressy casual are often interpreted differently.
We have adapted the clothing styles to your resort, the hotels and restaurants / bars. With the guide you are definitely on the right side and guaranteed to feel comfortable.

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Dressy Casual

Dressy casual can be translated as casual but chic. There is a difference with casual, dressy casual here means appropriate for the occasion. It is not appropriate to show up in a T-shirt or shorts when a dressy casual dress code is desired in the restaurant.

If you are invited to a wedding, one thing you must not do is be prettier or better dressed than the bride and groom. At weddings, the dress code dressy casual is often common. You should look chic but still be dressed casually. There is some overlap between Dressy Casual and Formal Casual.

For the ladies, a long dress or skirt with blouse and summer shoes are suitable. For men, long pants with a jacket and a polo shirt is acceptable. In any case, closed shoes must be worn. A tie is not necessary.

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The word "casual" translates as "casual, easygoing, informal". This is how it should be taken on your dream vacation: casual, easygoing, comfortable.

But casual also has a no-go: swimwear, bare tops or bikinis. What is perfectly fine at any beach or pool bar should be refrained from in restaurants.

On the other hand, short-sleeved shirts and shorts for men are perfectly acceptable for the casual dress code.

Image: Mann smart casual dressed

Smart Casual

When it comes to smart casual dress code, the dress code in the hotel should not just be casual. Especially in an upscale hotel in the tropics, you should choose clothes that are light and airy, but definitely not baggy. Smart also means that you don't come across as "overdressed". Elegant casual is probably the right term for smart casual

For the ladies

Elegant pants or skirt with a blouse but also a light dress with an accessory as an eye-catcher and summer shoes are the best choice here.

For men

A sporty trousers, which can be gladly also, to the breakfast and lunch in and outside of the restaurant, short, in addition a short-sleeved shirt, not necessarily a T-Shirt, goes however to the indicated food expenditures. In the evening, the short-sleeved shirt should be avoided in the restaurants also a T-shirt is not appropriate. In the restaurants, light footwear (sandals, light shoes) without stockings is a good choice. In restaurants with sandy floors, gladly barefoot.

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