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  • 12.10.2022 · reading time 2 minutes
New website: My Maldives

My Maldives is our new travel brand

Since a short time we are at the start with our new website My Maldives. This page deals exclusively with resorts and guesthouses in the Maldives. Here you can find out all the important details for your vacation in the Maldives. You can specifically search for the best resorts for weddings & honeymoon, families, diving and much more.

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Our experience is your advantage in finding the right hotel

After our first visit to the Maldives, it was clear that we would like to bring this dream destination closer to others. We were so enthusiastic that we planned further vacations in the Maldives. We quickly realized that the Maldives is its own little microcosm that lives and works by its own rules.

We noticed that many questions that are important when making a hotel reservation remained unanswered. What does all-inclusive mean here? Is it the same as in the Caribbean, where I don't have to pay anything more? What additional costs do I have to expect? How does it work with the airport transfer? These and many other questions and their answers are important so that a vacation in the Maldives does not blow up your vacation budget.

Not only the price makes the difference, but the many small and large details that help a resort to your dream vacation. Now everyone of us understands under the term dream hotel something else and not everyone knows all 170 hotels and over 500 guest houses on the Maldives and exactly here we would like to start with My Maldives. Continue to place your trust in us and know that we will do our best to find your dream hotel here as well. Visit our website My Maldives and find your resort for your upcoming vacation.

Call or write us with any outstanding questions. We will get back to you right away.
Your Aphrodite Travel Team.