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Naturist village Cap d'Agde

Nudist vacation village Cap d’Agde Naturiste

Cap d'Agde Naturiste is located about 70 km from Montpellier. It is one of the most famous resorts in France for naturists and one of the largest naturist vacation villages in Europe, which was founded in 1950 by Paul René Oltra.
Between skyscrapers in 70's style, you can not only go on nudist vacation with the whole family, but also go nude shopping, eat in restaurants or have fun in many clubs.

The village consists of different areas with different development. These areas are called Héliopolis, Port Nature Village, Natura Beach, Port Ambonne, Port Nature Colline, Port Soleil and Port Vénus.

Image: HeliopolisView of Heliopolis

One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe for nudists

In front of the naturist village is a beautiful, almost 2 km long, nudist beach that slopes gently into the water and is also a paradise for children.

To the right, the beach is limited by the entrance to the port. To the left, you can walk about 3.5 km to the beach of Marseilan. Adjacent are several campsites, the only piece still free is la Baie des Cochons.

Image: piggy beach

The piggy beach

La Baie des Cochons (this is the famous sham beach) is located about 1 km from the naturist village. If you walk along the left side of the beach of Héliopolis, you can't miss the piggy beach. In the past, it was ridiculed because sometimes you could see a couple having sex.

Today, Piggy Beach is more like a big dune for gangbanging, where horny singles jerk off while watching couples having sex. They don't even shy away from the presence of children.

Of course, all this is forbidden and is also prosecuted by the police, there are drastic fines. Especially from the middle of June you have to be careful, because of the police checks. However, the police is a bit slow, when the uniformed arrive, the action is usually over and the participants disappear in all directions.

Image: simple accommodation with kitchenette

The accommodations in Cap d'Agde Naturiste

Apartments and villas in the naturist area belong to many different owners and can be categorized as standard, comfort and luxury. The number of beds, the size of the apartments and the equipment determines the price. Rentals are usually from Saturday to Saturday for one week at a time. Only out of season or by arrangement, individual arrival or departure is possible.

Besides the apartments, there are also some hotels, residences and apartments. The good apartments are booked by regular guests for the next year while they are still on vacation. Most landlords, unless you rent directly from the owner, have a small office at the entrance area on the grounds of the naturist village. Here you get your key, sign the rental contract and pay your bill. The offices are adjusted to the international clientele and have multilingual staff.

Who wants to go to Cap d'Agde Naturiste must pay entrance fee

Cap d'Agde is much more than just a naturist village. The town of d'Agde has a beautiful old town. The vacation village Cap d'Agde has a harbor and beautiful promenades for strolling (textile) for the whole family. Grau d'Agde is a fishing village not far from the town of d'Agde.

The naturist village (Cap d'Agde Naturiste) is separated from the rest of the Cap d'Agde vacation village. If you want to visit the naturist area, you have to pass the gatekeeper via an entrance. Every visitor has to pay entrance fee (about 6,60 Euro 2 persons / day). In the naturist village naturism is compulsory.

Nudist and swinger vacation for families

Cap d'Agde Naturiste is also popular with families, which may be because you can take your kids on vacation and still find like-minded people to swing with. Getting to Cap d'Agde Naturiste by car for families interesting. Parking is available right outside the door of the rented apartment. By plane, the journey is somewhat inconvenient and from Germany, the vacation village can often only be reached with connecting flights (Bézier airport 17 km or Montpellier approx. 72 km). You have to go from the airport either by train and/or by bus to Cap de Agde. The accommodation is chosen according to the number of people and does not need to book several rooms as in a hotel.

Swingers and nudists in Cap de Agde Naturiste

EIt must have been at the end of the 80's when more and more swingers came to Cap d'Agde Naturiste and discovered the naturist vacation village for themselves. Decisive factors were certainly the famous piggy beach, the almost unbelievable number of like-minded people in one place and the offer of clubs and bars. The swingers, rather nocturnal populate the erotic bars and swingers clubs, the nudists are rather day-active people and can be found in cafes, supermarkets and restaurants.

Today nudists and swingers mix. Naturists are hardly on site, they have moved to other naturist vacation villages (Oasis Village, Aphrodite Village or Euronat).

There does not seem to be a discrepancy between the two groups, neither one nor the other feels out of place. This is not to say that there are no problems. We have personally experienced that we received calls from unknown people, even from abroad, who threatened us " ... with our swingers, to stay away, otherwise there would be a disaster". Also the fact that already one or the other time a swingers club went up in flames shows that the fronts between the naturists and the swingers are hardened. Those responsible (tourist associations, administration and authorities) do not want to know anything about the topic. Hear nothing, say nothing, see nothing seems to be a good strategy for them. If you consider that the "old" all die away and the scepter was handed over to a new squad of younger energetic, who also all want to earn money, it is clear that you have to adjust to new times, more or less. Apparently there is no more money to be made with naturists and swingers are used to paying a "surcharge" to be accepted at a place. Maybe this explains the horrendous prices in Cap d'Agde, although we always have problems with it when we hear how cheap Cap d'Agde is compared to other hotels.

Cap de Agde with Aphrodite Travel

On our website we have a hotel offer in Cap de Agde Naturiste, the Oz Inn.. A hotel (Oz Inn Resort & Spa) only for adults, swinger friendly, 4 stars and (Natureva Spa), an offer for the whole family only for naturists, 4 stars. From the rental with apartments we have withdrawn for several reasons. There are only a few really good apartments available and most apartments are really expensive. We had one of the highest complaint rates for apartments in Cap de Agde. Expensive apartments, with a poor price / performance ratio, a high complaint rate and an ever changing target group were the reason for us to stop selling the apartments. We feel Cap d'Agde Naturiste in this form neither as a nice destination, nor has Cap d'Agde Naturiste from our point of view a good price / performance ratio.

If we think about it properly, we are all naked in our clothes. Heinrich Heine

Our opinion

Cap d'Agde and the many small towns in the area, nestled in beautiful landscapes, coupled with the French lifestyle such as good wine and good food, makes the South of France one of our favorites in Europe.

However, the vacation village of Cap d'Agde is different. There are almost 40,000 people who come to France every year from all over the world for the season between May and September to spend their vacations. One can definitely speak of mass tourism here, accompanied by the side effects that mass tourism brings with it. These tourists are housed in apartment blocks that could not be uglier, a kind of new construction "ghetto", where you would not really want to live.

The flair of the 70's is still in the walls of the area, even if the local businessmen always try to keep up with the times. The many apartments in the blocks of apartments are small, and the furnishings often leave something to be desired. Luxury also costs money in the Cap d'Agde vacation village.

Room rates from 400.- € to 600.- € per night in high season and around 240.- € in low season are possible. Lest we be misunderstood, Cap de Agde Naturiste of course has more accommodation options than just apartments and not all are bad. There are hotels, apartments, camping sites, residences, villas and above all, France is generally not cheap.

The many apartments belong to a large extent to private owners, including many nudists who wanted to live their naturist lifestyle here in the summer. Many of the owners, die-hard nudist fans, are extremely disappointed, because for them Cap d'Agde is increasingly degenerating into a meeting place for swingers, voyeurs and horny singles.

The majority of the guests are over 45, but you can find people of all colors, fat, thin, old, young, pretty and ugly, tattooed, pierced, in lingerie, lacquer and leather, whether it fits or not.

In fact, as a nudist and naturist village, Cap d'Agde Naturiste is no longer usable, at least not for true nudists and naturists. A condition we have been denouncing for years is that swingers often act ruthlessly. Inconsiderate towards a beautiful place that is not intended for swingers, towards other people or other target groups and where even children are not taken into account.

We do not want to have to explain to our children what or who you meet there (Cap d'Agde) every day and why this is so. We may be called old-fashioned, but this is not our idea of a nudist vacation with the family and not really of a cosmopolitan, alternative lifestyle with level for swingers or erotically interested couples.

The municipality, including the mayor and the administration, have wanted to take action against the misappropriation for years, during which the protest against the swingers community has been growing, but as is the case everywhere, money rules the world. Although there are signs everywhere in Cap d'Agde what you are allowed and what you are not allowed and the penalties are steep, but the controls resemble those from the classic "The Gendarme of Saint Trapez" with the unforgotten Luis de Funes.

Let's not kid ourselves, many of the clubs, bars, stores would already be broke today if not for the swingers, the erotically interested, the singles, the gays and their followers. The bars and clubs are not only expensive, they are also partly "old school". We strongly object to swingers "spreading" themselves in the few resorts for nudist vacationers. Only this train has already sailed in Cap d'Agde Naturiste.

Which is also due to the local commercial operators. These have quickly adapted to the new clientele of swingers, with decreasing numbers of nudists. This does not surprise anyone, not even the obvious double standards of some nudist travel providers. Thus, on many pages one reads nothing at all about swingers, sex and erotic clubs in Cap d'Agde Naturiste. On some, it is mentioned in passing, as if it were a minority. For years, people wanted nothing to do with swingers and swingers travel, but when the "skins" are swimming away, it seems that the alleged "traditional" lifestyle of the naturist lifestyle is not far off.

To summarize:

Cap d'Agde has changed a lot over the last few years. Instead of naturists, today it is mainly swingers who can be found in the nudist village. The local offer has quickly adapted to the new clientele. Discos have become swingers clubs and a quiet naturist village has become a party hotspot for erotically interested people from all over the world.

We advise nudists, especially families and naturists, not to visit this destination at all. Cap d'Agde Naturiste has a beautiful sandy beach, but the high-rise atmosphere, at least for us, hardly creates a vacation mood. The fact that Cap d'Agde Naturiste is now almost entirely visited by swingers tends to discourage pure nudists and naturists. For naturists and nudists there are better alternatives that follow the principles of the naturist association, such as the Oasis Village Naturiste or Aphrodite Village Naturiste, Le Jenny or Euronat.

For those who feel attracted to Cap d'Agde Naturiste, we recommend the swinger-friendly Oz Inn Resort & Spa. Our recommendation for a naturist vacation in Cap de Agde Naturiste: Centre Naturiste Oltra