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  • 20.07.2021 · Reading time 3 minutes
Our "ex prices" are bookable ...

It often comes
to misunderstandings about our "ex prices".

For your information: The "from price" shows the cheapest room price at a bookable travel time.

Where are "from prices" displayed?

For example, on our hotel and cruise overview pages (such as here or here).
When we show an from price to a hotel on the hotel overview page, the cheapest room rate for the hotel is stored there. This includes all rooms and all available time slots. The hotel information page shows the individual room categories and their prices. Here we also show you an
ab price for each room category. This ab price includes all available time slots, which may vary from hotel to hotel. Some hotels give the prices for up to 2 years in advance and others only for one year.

An example: If the hotel prices are stored from January to December of a year and the month of July offers the cheapest price in the year, we will show you the "from price" for the travel time of July accordingly.

Some customers thought the "from price" was the price of your travel time. Unfortunately, this is not so. How would we know when you want to go on vacation?

Since hotels offer different prices throughout the year, depending on the season, we cannot show you the from price that is valid for your time of stay. Only after entering your travel dates and the desired room category, we will show you the total stay price.

Image: from prices from prices of room categories

Why do we show from-prices?

We have decided to show from-prices so that you can see on the overview pages from which price the hotel is bookable. If you click on "More information" on the overview page for one of the displayed hotels, you will be taken directly to the hotel information page. Here you can immediately see which room category is offered at which starting price. This saves you the search.

We have repeatedly had to be reproached, "Oh, you can't book the room at that price at all." But one can! But unfortunately not at their requested travel time.
We guarantee that a displayed from price is bookable within a deposited time window.
Another advantage of the ab-prices is it: One recognizes fast whether a room category comes into question, without being able to be indicated constantly an exact travel price.

Image: discounted room rates Discounted room rates

Discounted room rates, the price crossed out

When you see an ab price displayed with a crossed out price, it means that the list price has been replaced with an offer price. The offer prices are also
ab prices are reduced. This reduction in list price is also valid for a limited time only.

We would like to continue to display "ex prices". To you immediately made visible, whether the corresponding room category in your room search comes in the shortlist in terms of price. If a room is searched for 200 € the night, you do not need to look at a room from 1000 € the night at all.


  • From prices apply to a certain travel time and often also assume a certain booking period. If you are shown an "from price" today, it may be in the future.
  • Should there be a discounted price, the list price is crossed out with us and the discounted bookable "from price" is displayed.
  • All hotels have different booking periods with different price windows (low season, high season, mid-season, etc.) accordingly change the "ex prices".
  • "From prices" also change if it is a hotel outside Europe and paid in USD.
    Due to changes in currency rates, different "ex prices" can arise daily.
  • Since everyone has their own travel time, the "ex prices" cannot apply to all travel times.
    Our "from prices" are room rates that apply to a specific travel time and are bookable.
  • Our "as of rates" may not reflect today's room rate.

We guarantee that the "from prices" shown are bookable. If you want to know quickly at which travel time a "from price" is valid, please call us, we will be happy to give you information. If you want to know a total price for your room category and travel time, enter your travel dates and get the non-binding total stay price.

@endsection Our "from prices" are bookable ...