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Image: Separate villa from Paradise Peak
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  • 27.10.2021 · Reading time 3 minutes
The Paradise Peak on St. Martin

Here everyone will find a suitable accommodation

At Paradise Peak , every guest will find a suitable accommodation, whether in the boutique hotel with a total of seven rooms, in a private villa with three rooms and pool, or in a cozy cottage on the edge of a cliff. A new addition is the Hibiscus Cottage, a two-bedroom, one-bath property separate from the hotel. Each cottage is located in an upscale yet charming Antilles neighborhood of Pic Paradis, 400 meters above sea level and is surrounded by trees and tropical vegetation.

Image: The owners The owners of Paradise Peak

The owners

The owners were both born and raised on St. Martin and grew up with an open-minded European attitude toward nudity. The island's many nude beaches attract children and adults alike, even into old age. The owners also regularly enjoy St. Martin's nude beaches themselves. For example, the owner's mother was for years the cocktail singer at the famous nudist beach club Orient Bay, which was unfortunately destroyed by a hurricane in 2017.

One of the owners grew up in a house a few doors down from Paradise Peak, and another lived for a time in France and Los Angeles, working in hospitality and luxury property management from a young age. Together, they began investing in properties and renovating them for vacation rentals.

Image: Entrance Paradise Peak Entrance Paradise Peak

How it all began ...

After starting with a few Airbnb rentals, they were presented with an opportunity to take over a guesthouse called Villa Rainbow. The previous owners were a homosexual couple who had suffered a severe blow. The couple came to the new owners and asked to take over this beautiful property they had created. It was almost more of a handover than a business deal.

The gay couple had created a safe space without prejudice in their time for the LGBTQ+ and naturist community. One of the reasons the owners took over the property because they wanted to continue the spirit of the place!

They love the free expression, open mind and people from all walks of life coming together in their little paradise. It's all about nature and making people feel comfortable in their own skin. They wanted to make Paradise Peak a place where everyone can come and feel like they belong. The naturist aspect blends well with the homosexual friendly motto. Their motto: when you come here, be friendly and respect everyone around you.

Image: Living room in Hibiscus CottageLiving room in Hibiscus Cottage

Design and equipment

The owners are both very hands-on and present in every aspect of running Paradise Peak. They do everything themselves and are justifiably proud of it. The owners are constantly looking for improvements to realize and implement your wishes. They both care about the details and because they are still young, they have time to keep improving. There are concrete plans to expand further, but are in no hurry to do so.

Their goal is to create a place that is so inviting that people come to St. Martin for Paradise Peak to stay with them! This includes making a good name for themselves in the nudist community and welcoming many guests from all over the world. St. Martin is home to the owners and it is very important to them that their guests enjoy the island and their stay at Paradise Peak.

In the near future, the pool and whirlpool area will be completely renovated and a steam room/sauna will be added.