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Theme nights at Desire Riviera Maya Resort

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort is an all-inclusive hotel in Mexico that specializes in adult guests. A special attraction of the resort is the regular theme nights, which offer couples an unforgettable experience. One of the highlights of the theme nights is the "White Party," where guests dress in white and celebrate the night with the theme "White Soiree."

The theme nights are often accompanied by live music, erotic dancing and activities that stimulate the senses. Another highlight is "Dungeon Night," where guests can live out their fantasies and inclinations.
 Activities such as bondage demonstrations, erotic games provide the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Theme nights are a highlight of the stay and offer guests an unforgettable experience. The offer is varied and has something for everyone. It is the perfect place for couples with an open attitude towards life who are looking for a sexy and sensual vacation.

All theme nights are subject to change without notice and our Special Events have their own programs.

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Dungeon Night

Eroticism will dominate the night as you and your partner enjoy an evening of intimacy and pleasure. You will feel a desire to fulfill your wildest desires, inspired by the feel and touch of leather and latex.
Dress code: latex, leather & lace

Image: A happy couple dressed in white


White Soiree

White is a symbol of elegance, with which you can dress impressively and make your partner's heart beat faster. This evening is not only about being noticed, but also about, being desired and creating a chemistry that can't be seen, but is sure to please.
Dress code: sensual white

Image: A couple dressed as pirates


Pirates of Pleasure

The Caribbean has been a pirate's dream for centuries. With the timeless treasures to capture with you, you can live out your fantasies as you please. Enjoy the evening with your partners before you are sentenced to walk the plank.
Dress code: pirate attire

Image: A couple dressed and painted with neon colors


Sensual Neon Jungle

Let your imagination run wild when putting together a neon look with animal motifs that looks like something out of a storybook. For all seductive species, creativity is the key. Welcome to the jungle.
Dress code: neon animal print or clothing and fluorescent accessories

Image: A dancing couple


Latin Lovers

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being swept away by the smooth, soulful melodies of live Latin beats. Experience an authentic Latin Fiesta, an evening of flavor, sensuality and long, slow, tropical seduction.
Dress code: bright pink and blue

Image: A couple dressed like in the 60s


Flower Power

Dressed up in vintage ties, you'll get into the groove as we express the flower child within, ready to try anything. Stay calm and hippie, because the seduction will go on all night long.
Dress code: psychedelic 60's attire

Image: A gold dressed woman and a man in silver shirt and black pants


Metallic Desires

Glow in gold, shine in silver and glitter in bronze, the three precious metals donned for our Metallic Memoir, where you and your partner are the seductive stars.
Dress code: metallic gold, silver and bronze

Image: Dancing women and a man by the pool

Themed pool party on Wednesday/ foam party on Friday

Variety is indeed the spice of life, and Desire is a master at it! The weekly pool parties, themed differently each month, are complemented by stimulating happenings, great music, exquisite food and drinks, and the icing on the cake: a paradisiacal Caribbean backdrop with couples from all over the world!

Desire Cruises has come ashore to give you a taste of a foam party on board. Enjoy the motion of the ocean at a sensual, wet and wild event.