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Turn Down Service

For a pleasant night of the guest

Turn down service means all the preparations made by the hotel staff for the guest's night's rest. This means that the staff fluffs the pillows and beds and smoothes the sheets. If it exists, night clothes such as pajamas or robes are made ready and they make sure that everything is ready that the guest needs for a pleasant night's rest.

The turndown service often includes placing a praline or a piece of fine chocolate on the pillow as a bedtime snack. Fresh flowers or the provision of care products for the night are also part of this service in some hotels. The light is dimmed. The service can be found in good 4 or 5 star hotels.

Even for the little guests there is an offer in the form of cookies or a glass of milk or even good night stories. If you are looking for a turn down service that goes far beyond the normal service, you will find it in the Maldives. Here, a dinner followed by a bath in the room and a massage is offered as a turn down service. This service, however, is paid for by the guests.