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Desire Cruises Greece - Turkey

New ship, proven concept

Image: Sexy couple at the railing

The Desire Cruises Greece-Turkey will be the first cruise to take place aboard a luxury Oceania ship from Norwegian Cruise Line. The spacious staterooms of the Oceania Riviera, were completely refurbished in 2022 and feature designer accessories that add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

You'll cross the gangway into Athens, Greece, considered a mythological crossroads between past and present. From there, you will sail through the Thracian Sea to Bozcaada, on to Istanbul and Kusadasi (Ephesus), always along the magnificent coasts of Turkey. The route continues to Mykonos and Santorini before returning to Athens.

This Oceania ship offers the finest cuisine at sea and will serve gourmet dining experiences in nine different exquisite restaurants. In addition to dining, the Prestige beverage package and 24-hour room service are included.

You are free to enjoy designated areas with no dress code, an exotic game room full of sensuality, invigorating daytime activities and themed pool parties, workshops for couples, Theme nights, provocative shows and performances, international DJs and much more to inspire you to a new experience.

The following services are included in your booking

Image: Oceania Riviera, Itinerary of Desire Cruises Athens - Bozcaada - Istanbul - Kusadesi - Mykonos - Santorini - Athens

A luxurious home at sea

September 21, 2024 to September 28, 2024, Athens, Greece

Offering the finest cuisine at sea, the Oceania ship sends couples into ecstasy with gourmet dining experiences in nine exquisite restaurants featuring culinary masterpieces. The Prestige beverage package and 24-hour room service are included in addition to the exquisite dining. The entertainment programme on board includes a variety of activities. There is a theatre where shows and concerts take place and a library where passengers can borrow books. Sports enthusiasts can work out in the fitness centre or take part in sporting activities such as golf or tennis.

Image: The bay of the Mikrolimano port in Piraeus Athens
Itinerary · Day 1

Athens, Greece

21.09.2024 · Check In · Depart 5 pm

Athens, the capital of Greece, is one of the most Histrorian cities in Europe. Here, democracy as we know it today gradually developed. Athens is also a cultural centre of antiquity and modernity. The first modern Olympic Games were held here.

Tourism attractions abound. The large number of sights requires precise planning to visit the ancient sites and museums. Due to a special natural feature, Athens is hot and dry. The average temperature in September is 29 °C.

The port of Piraeus is the largest and most important of three ports and is about 10 km from Athens. All routes to the most famous Greek islands usually start from here. You can get to the centre of Athens by taxi, for example. The journey takes about 30 minutes and costs between 20 and 30 euros. From Athens airport to the port of Priaeus, the journey by taxi takes about 40 to 60 minutes depending on traffic. The journey can cost between 50 to 70 euros. By bus it takes 90 minutes and costs 5 to 6 euros.

Image: The coast Bozcaada
Itinerary · Day 2

Bazcaada, Turkey

22.09.2024 · Arrival 8 am · Depart 8 pm

Bozcaada is a small island in the Northeast Aegean Sea or Thracian Sea and about 12 km away from the Turkish mainland. Bozcaada's unique location, beauty and accessibility to antiquities are attractive to tourists from all over the world. The center is the most densely populated part of the island. Here you will find the simple streets of a small, pretty fishing village.

The main attraction of Bozcaada Island is the castle (which was inhabited by Genoese, Byzantines and Venetians), which was last rebuilt in 1815. Bozcaada is known as "the cradle of grapes and wine" - the famous Turkish grapes, ÇavuşÜzümü, are grown here. Cruise ships heading to Bozcaada Island dock in the port town of Bozcaada on the northeast coast. The city center is a 5-minute walk away.

While the ship is in port, no nudism is allowed on the pool and sun deck! The wearing of swimwear is mandatory.

Image: Blue Mosque Istanbul
Itinerary · Day 3

Istanbul, Turkey

23.09.2024 · Arrival ? · over night

Istanbul, Turkey's vibrant metropolis, is a city full of charm where the past goes hand in hand with the present. At the crossroads of two continents - Europe and Asia - this spectacular city has absorbed the best of both worlds: with its landmarks steeped in history, its distinctive cuisine, the buzzing nightlife, the labyrinths of markets and shopping arcades, the beating heart of Istanbul and the soul of the Bosphorus under the watchful eye of the Maiden Tower is every traveler's dream.

Exploring Istanbul in one day is almost impossible, certainly one reason why the departure to Kusadasi is not until the next day. Visit the beautiful Topkapi Palace, former residence and seat of government of the Sultans, the magnificent Hagia Sophia (St. Sophia's Church) and the impressive, so-called Blue Mosque. Take a boat on the Bosphorus and see the city and its surroundings from the sea. Visit one of the countless museums or stroll through the spice market and the famous Grand Bazaar.

While the ship is in port, no nudism is allowed on the pool and sun deck! The wearing of swimwear is mandatory.

Image: Ottoman excursion palace Küçüksu Kasrı
Itinerary · Day 4

Istanbul, Turkey

24.09.2024 · Depart ?

The historic peninsula of Istanbul is the epitome of tourist attractions and is enclosed on one side by the ancient city walls of the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn. As you stroll through the neighborhoods of Istanbul Peninsula and see an abundance of Eastern Roman ruins and Ottoman artifacts, you will feel the scent of history.

Between the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar lies the inner heart of Istanbul, Eminönü, the crossroads of commerce, where these wonderful marketplaces are located. This winding maze of alleyways is home to Istanbul's last true markets, with everything from fishmongers to the last furniture maker in the old city. With so many stores, tourists and locals alike can immerse themselves in a flood of variety and choice. Don't forget to haggle.

While the ship is in port, no nudism is allowed on the pool and sun deck! Wearing swimwear is mandatory.

Image: A section of the coast of Kusadasi with jetty to the Pigeon Island
Itinerary · Day 5

Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

25.09.2024 · Arrival 8 am · Departure 8 pm

Kusadasi is a city in Turkey on the Aegean Sea. In recent years, it has become a popular holiday destination for European holidaymakers. There is much to see and explore such as ancient ruins, museums, bazaars, national parks or the Pigeon Island with its castle.

The castle on Pigeon Island is the city's landmark and is connected to the mainland by a causeway. Entrance is free of charge. There are many restaurants, cafés and shops at the harbor. There are also inexpensive boat trips or harbor tours to get to know the beautiful bays and beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches is in the centre of Kusadasi, Ladies Beach.

The cruise port is located in the west of the city and is framed by the Marina and Güvercinada. A modern cruise terminal where several ships can dock, with facilities and shops for visitors. The pier is only a few minutes' walk from the city centre and tourist attractions. English is spoken at the tourist sites, otherwise Turkish. The average temperature in September is 29 °C.

Image: A bay of Mykonos with blue sea, white houses and some boats
Itinerary · Day 6

Mykonos, Greece

26.09.2024 · Arrival 8 am · Departure 8 pm

Mykonos is the most prominent island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea and the Ibiza of Greece. What was once a fishing village without electricity has become a cosmopolitan village with excellent restaurants, exhilarating parties, exclusive yachts and villas, and luxury hotels.

The island's architecture is something special, gleaming white houses with colourful balconies, old churches and fountains and white walkways stand out against the blue Aegean Sea in the background. Little Venice and the windmills are one of the attractions on the island. Along the south coast, the wild parties a la Ibiza are celebrated. Exclusive designers present their latest collections in the streets of the Hora.

Mykonos has two ports, the old port and the new port. The old port is only used for excursions to the neighbouring island of Delos. At the new port, cruise ships can drop anchor directly and it is only a few meters away from Mykonos Town. Mykonos Town can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes. Various bus lines take tourists to the island's beaches. The average temperature in September is 26 °C.

Image: White houses on a mountainside and the coast of Santorini
Itinerary · Day 7

Santorini, Greece

27.09.2024 · Arrival 8 am · Depart 8 pm

Santorini is one of the most romantic places in Greece and the destination of many honeymooners. However, Santorini is famous for its spectacular sunsets. Firá is the capital of the island and is located high up on the edge of the caldera. Firá together with Oia, Imerovígli and Firostefáni form the so-called "Caldera's eyebrow" high up on a cliff, which offers a magnificent view of the volcano.

Other well-known villages are Akrotíri and Méssa Vounó with their countless famous archaeological sites such as Pýrgos, Karterádes and Emporió. Some of the villages are surrounded by vast vineyards or whitewashed cliff towns with castles that offer a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.

In the main port of the island (Athinios) no large cruise ships can dock, so most ships are in the roads. In high season, the island receives about 80,000 visitors per day and up to five cruise ships are in the roads. This makes it one of the most crowded ports in the world. There is no cruise terminal and visitors are brought ashore by tender boats. The average temperature in September is 26 °C.

Image: The Odean Theater in the Acropolis in Athens
Itinerary · Day 8

Athens, Greece

28.09.2024 Check out 7 am

If you don't fly home right away and spend a few more days in Athens, take advantage of the vibrant nightlife in Gazi and the cool shopping in Koukaki. Gazi is the cool new place in Athens with lots of restaurants, cafés, music and art at the city's old gasworks, which has been turned into a museum-cultural centre. Koukaki is set between the ancient splendour of the Acropolis and densely packed souvenir shops, Greek designers offering their clothes, accessories and jewellery.

What you should not miss are the classical sites and the World Heritage sites. Visit neighbourhoods from Plaka to Exarchia and the classic Athenian tavernas. A pedestrian boulevard provides access to the Acropolis, the sacred rock of Athens, the landmark Parthenon, the Agora museum and the ancient Keramikos cemetery. There is so much to see that pages could be filled with it. The best thing to do is to buy a guidebook and plan which sights you want to see. The average temperature in September is 29 °C.

Your ship: Oceania Riviera (Norwegian Cruise Line)

The epitome of perfection

The Oceania Riviera is registered in the Marshall Islands and was built at Fincantieri's Sestri Ponente shipyard in Italy. On board, 776 international staff and crew members cater to the well-being of the ship's 1238 passengers. The 66,084 gross ton ship has a cruising speed of 20 knots, a length of 239 and a beam of 32.20 meters. The last renovation took place in 2022.

Luxus Kreuzfahrtschiff Oceania Riviera auf See
  • 629 staterooms and suites in 8 categories
  • 24-hour cabin service
  • Seven gourmet restaurants included
  • Two specialty restaurants ($)
  • Five bars and lounges
  • Two guest decks
  • Pool and two hot tubs
  • Culinary center/Cooking classes ($)
  • Artist loft/workshops
  • Shops
  • Stage shows
  • Library
  • Casino ($)
  • Jogging track
  • Sports court with 18-hole golf greens
  • Fitness center
  • Textile & nudist areas on board
  • Gaming lounge
  • Provocative evening entertainment
  • Spa, salon service ($)
  • Medical service ($)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Oceania@Sea 24-hour internet center ($)
  • Guided shore excursions ($)
  • The ship is accessible to persons with limited mobility
You cruise with the best!

And we offer you the best service ...

  • Exquisite delights

    An exclusive, local and culinary experience.

  • Tantalizing entertainment

    Sexy theme nights, pool parties, animation and contests.

  • Booking details

    Everything you need to know to book your cruise at a glance.

  • Highlights of the Cruise

    The most important points of this cruise at a glance.

Do you have any questions?

Can we smoke on board?

For the safety and health of guests and staff on board, smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas. These are located on deck 9 in the forward corner of the pool deck on the starboard side (right) and on deck 10 in Horizons in the aft corner on the port side (left). These smoking areas are very comfortable and are close to the restaurants and bars.

Only in the starboard forward corner on the pool deck is smoking of cigars, pipes and e-cigarettes allowed.

Can we choose a particular cabin or will we be assigned one?

Only the cabin type (balcony cabin, inside cabin, etc.) is ever booked. The cabin is therefore basically assigned to you. Upon request and payment of a service fee of 39 euros, you can choose your preferred cabin. We will also be happy to advise you on the selection of your desired cabin by telephone.

For regular customers of Aphrodite Travel and all guests who book a suite, the service remains free of charge.

Can I come aboard as a single person?

No, unfortunately, as a single you will not get on board a couples-only charter cruise. Please book an adult cruise, singles are welcome here. Should one of the two partners not come on board or leave the ship prematurely, both partners must leave the ship or neither partner will come on board. As a precaution, we would like to point out that in this case a refund of the cruise price by the organizer is excluded.Can we choose a specific cabin or will we be assigned one?

What additional costs will we incur?

There are no additional costs for you. Excepted are expenses for your personal needs. If you would like to take part in a guided shore excursion, for example, you must add these costs to your travel expenses. All prices on board are exclusive of taxes. An 18% service charge is automatically added to all drinks, spa and other services purchased on board. Keep this in mind when you incur expenses.

What documents did we need to join the cruise?

You need a valid passport, which must be valid for 6 months after the end of the trip.

You will need a manifest, which you can apply for online in advance. You will receive the login data for your manifest from us. We will send you this login data by email. If you do not do the online check-in (manifest), this must be done on site on the day of departure. This takes much longer and you need to be at the port at least 3 hours before departure.

If you wish, and for a service charge of 25 euros per person, we can do this work for you. To do this, you must give us the order and release us from the obligations of data protection. You can request a corresponding form from us. There are no additional costs for you. Excepted are expenses for your personal needs. If you would like to take part in a guided shore excursion, for example, you must add these costs to your travel expenses. All prices on board are exclusive of taxes. An 18% service charge is automatically added to all drinks, spa and other services purchased on board. Keep this in mind when you incur expenses.

What is included in the cruise?

The following services are included on the cruise:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • .
  • Snacks such as hamburgers, cakes, ice cream and much more
  • .
  • Drinks such as coffee, tea, water
  • .
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages from the Prestige beverage package
  • .
  • Your booked cabin
  • All taxes and charges, including gratuities, port charges, security charges
  • .
  • All entertainment on board

What kind of entertainment can I expect on my trip?

Venetian Night with Masks, Heavenly White Night, Sailors and Sailoresses, Silver & Gold, Heels & Stockings, Famous Movie Couples like Harry & Sally, Grand Prix, Sea Safari and many more. The mood is always positive, exuberant and sexy too. There is an extensive entertainment programme in the evening. Animations take place by the pool during the day. Full body orgasm classes, rope bondage classes, classes with sex therapists, dance classes like bachata, kizomba, belly dancing & pole dancing. Please refer to the descriptions on our website. The on-board language is English.