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Desire Cruise Rio de Janeiro

Welcome the year 2024 at the Copacabana

Image: Rio de Janeiro aerial view of mountains, sea, beach, houses

Desire Cruises are erotic cruises designed specifically for couples looking for an exciting and sensual experience. In an open and permissive environment, these unique cruises offer a blend of luxury, entertainment and eroticism.

Come aboard the luxurious Azamara Quest cruise ship for a sensual 9-day/8-night adventure in the South Atlantic that will capture your imagination and be remembered forever. From December 30, 2023 to January 7, 2024, the Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise will take place. A luxury vacation with everything your heart desires.

With fascinating stops along the way, this extraordinary voyage begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A stop at the famous Copacabana beach, where the ship docks on New Year's Eve and guests can bid a fitting farewell to 2023, is one of the highlights of the voyage. The atmosphere and fireworks at Copacabana are legendary and provide an unforgettable setting for the end of the year. Further exciting experiences and impressions await the guests in Parati, Ilhabela, Sao Paulo and Montevideo in Uruguay.

The Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise also offers guests special areas on board, such as an intimate playroom where couples can live out their fantasies. There are also areas where guests can dress freely and sensually to fully enjoy the erotic atmosphere of the cruise. To provide guests with a safe and comfortable environment, discretion and privacy are guaranteed at all times.

Enjoy unforgettable moments aboard the Desire Rio de Janeiro cruise and welcome the New Year 2024 at Copacabana in a unique way and with lots of sensuality.

The following services are included in your booking

Image: Azamara Quest, Route of the cruise Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana - Paraty - Ilhabela - São Paulo - Montevideo - Buenos Aires

Challenging & Lascivious!

Dec 30, 2023 -Jan 07, 2024, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A fabulous itinerary and perfect to celebrate New Year's Eve with like-minded people. The Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruise is ready to ring in the New Year; a journey so inviting it's almost too good to be true. This extraordinary round trip begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Image: Rio De Janeiro landscape aerial view
Itinerary · Day 1

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

30.12.2023 · Check In · from 1 pm

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city and former capital of Brazil with 6.75 million inhabitants. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. Spanish and English is understood by many residents as well.

We hope you had some nice days before in Rio de Janeiro and now know the legendary beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Cristo Statue. All landmarks of the city, which are all world famous.

You know: You weren't really in Rio when ...

... You have not lain on the beach of Copacabana.
... you have not walked along the beach of Ipanema.
... you have not visited the 38 m high and 28 m wide Cristo Redentor.
... you have not taken the cable car to the 394 meter high Sugar Loaf Mountain.

If you have not seen all this, then you still have a little time to look at the sights of the city.

But today it is first of all: "Up on the ship and all aboard".

Image: Favela
Itinerary · Day 2

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

31.12.2023 · Depart 6 pm

Once you have familiarized yourself with the ship and your cabin, we recommend that you spend another day in Rio de Janeiro. The ship does not depart until early evening.

The city center (business district) is within easy walking distance of the port. Cabs at the pier will take you wherever you want to go. The public transportation system offers buses and subways. There is also a tourist information center in the cruise ship terminal.

The possibilities to have fun in Rio are endless. Take a spin in a helicopter and see the highlights from the air. The price is from 150 USD per person. It will take your breath away, so beautiful are the images from the air.

But, there is much more: museums, great restaurants, the Tijuca National Park, the famous Maracanã soccer stadium or the old Candelária church. And if you visit Sugarloaf Mountain (Sugarloaf), maybe don't take the streetcar, but take a walk overlooking Vermelha Beach. If you are looking at the sea, look for Cláudio Coutinho Way on the left. Here you can take a walk to the sea.

Image: Red fireworks at Cococabana filled with people
Itinerary · Day 2

Copacabana, Brasil

31.12.2023 / 01.01.2024 · Arrival 10 pm

It's New Year's Eve. On board, everything is being prepared for the big celebration. The ship doesn't go far, actually, just around the corner, to the famous beach of Copacabana

Because here, every year at 24 o'clock, a huge fireworks display is organized by the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the world's largest and most spectacular fireworks, which lasts almost 1 hour.

The ship will not anchor in the harbor, but will position itself a few hundred meters off the beach, so that the fireworks can be seen from the ship. Around 10 pm the ship will arrive in front of Copacabana.

Aboard Desire Rio de Janeiro Cruises, the New Year will be welcomed with explosions of color and light. The stunning fireworks display will light up the sky at midnight as the first day of 2024 is celebrated. Wearing auspicious colors is a local New Year custom: white for good luck, green for health, yellow and gold for prosperity, and blue for peace. So colorfully attune yourself to have a memorable New Year's Eve. Again, please note that there will be no port calls on this day and you will remain on board to enjoy the festivities, fireworks, special New Year's Eve dinner, show and performances from the ship.

Image: New Year's Eve with fireworks on the beach of Cococabana, in the background are the anchored cruise ships
Itinerary · Day 3

Copacabana, Brasil

01.01.2024 · Depart 2 pm

While you are probably still partying, the ship departs for Parati and Ilhabela Island in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

Take your time and review the old year and start slowly with the good resolutions.

You may know this: "My goal for 2024 is to accomplish the goals I set for myself in 2023, because I planned to accomplish in 2021 what I planned to accomplish in 2020."

Image: Girl from an indigenous tribe of Brazil
Itinerary · Day 3

Paraty, Brasil

01.01.2024 · Arrival open · Depart open

Paraty was originally inhabited by the indigenous Guaianá people before Portuguese colonizers settled the Paraty region. The name of the city itself comes from an indigenous word, parati is a fish from the mullet family. In 2019, the old town, along with four nature reserves in the surrounding area, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as Paraty and Ilha Grande - Culture and Biodiversity.

The, cobblestone irregularly paved historic center with its whitewashed buildings and picturesque churches is the perfect place to walk, while the best beaches and pristine islands can be reached by boat.

In Paraty it is warm almost all year round. The hottest time is the summer from November to February. You should expect rain no matter what time of year it is. The average temperature in January is 26° degrees. The Paraty-Mirim Nature Park, 15 kilometers away, is worth a day trip. For more information about Paraty, see here.

Since cruise ships cannot dock in Paraty, you will be taken ashore by tender boat. The tender boat ride takes about 30 minutes.

Image Beto Ilhabela
Itinerary · Day 4

Ilhabela, Brasil

02.01.2024 · Arrival open · Depart open

With mountain views, beautiful beaches, jungle trails and about 360 waterfalls, Ilhabela (the beautiful island) lives up to its name. Ilhabela is a true natural paradise! Add hiking, surfing, great gastronomy, creative locals, wildlife and a unique history, and you have the perfect paradise vacation.

There are 41 beaches and about 360 waterfalls on Ilhabela, the highest peak is 1,378 meters high, there are 95 kilometers of hiking trails, there are 20 shipwrecks on the seabed and 14 traditional communities still live on the island. Nightlife takes place in the beach clubs, which are crowded at sunset, on the beaches of Curral and Saco da Capela, and in the village night bars.

85% of the island is covered by dense vegetation known as mata atlântica, which is protected as a state park. Ilhabela has a relatively mild tropical climate. Summers (December to March) are hot and humid, with temperatures around 30 degrees. Since cruise ships cannot dock, passengers are brought ashore by tender boat.

Image: Aerial view of the city of Sao Paulo
Itinerary · Day 5

São Paulo, Brasil

03.01.2024 · Arrival open · Depart open

São Paulo in southeastern Brazil is the most important industrial center in Latin America. The city is located on a plateau of the Brazilian highlands. With one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the world, São Paulo is also the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

The vibrant and energetic urban core is characterized by an ever-growing maze of modern steel, concrete and glass skyscrapers in the newer centers of the business hub.

If you like shopping, Sao Paulo is a real treat. There are many local markets and shopping streets, and many of them specialize in certain goods. Whether you're looking for high-end fashion or costume jewelry, records or antiques, Italian ingredients or Asian delicacies, chances are you'll find it in Sao Paulo.

Santos cruise port is about an hour from the big city of Sao Paulo and is easy to get to. Cabs are about the only way to get to or from the port.

Image: view of the balcony cabin at sea
Itinerary · Day 6

At sea

04.01.2024 · at Sea

Enjoy a day at sea.
It's time to get to know the ship and look around the decks a bit. Don't miss trying the delicacies of the cafes and snack bars. Or you can just enjoy a cocktail on the pool deck and get a topless tan.

From sunrise to sunset, the onboard entertainment program is packed with additional enticing activities and events. In addition, the ship offers a full-service spa, fitness center and shopping.

And when the day begins to fade, the festivities will continue until dawn with theme nights. We're sure boredom won't be an issue.

Image: churned sea from cruise ship
Itinerary · Day 7

At sea

05.01.2024 · at sea

Enjoy a day at sea.
It's time to get to know the ship and look around the decks a bit. Don't miss trying the delicacies of the cafes and snack bars. Or you can just enjoy a cocktail on the pool deck and get a topless tan.

From sunrise to sunset, the onboard entertainment program is packed with additional enticing activities and events. In addition, the ship offers a full-service spa, fitness center and shopping.

And when the day begins to fade, the festivities will continue until dawn with theme nights. We're sure boredom won't be an issue.

Image: Plaza del Faro church district
Itinerary · Day 8

Punta del Este, Uruguay

06.01.2024 · Arrival 8 am · Depart 6 pm

Uruguay is tango - Uruguay is football - Uruguay is mate and Uruguay is much more. The small country in South America is not on many people's list of travel destinations - quite wrongly, we think. Uruguay is not only perfect for emigrating, but is also worth a trip.

Uruguay is a safe destination, probably the safest in all of South America. In January, average temperatures are 28°C max and 18°C min, so it's summer.

You will stop in Punta del Este, a beautiful, modern and clean city, the most important holiday resort for Uruguayans on the South Atlantic. In addition to the classic grilled meat, you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood here, superbly prepared by internationally renowned chefs. Not quite cheap, but of a high standard. Most visitors come for the beaches and nightlife. There are exclusive boutiques, museums, casinos, golf courses and excellent restaurants.

Image: La Boca is a working class neighborhood near the Riachuelo River
Itinerary · Day 9

Buenos Aires, Argentina

07.01.2024 Check out from 7 am

The capital with its 15 million inhabitants seems endless, not only because of its 48 districts (barrios). The city is European in character, primarily with immigrants of Italian and Spanish origin. Buenos Aires is a multicultural society with people from many parts of the world. In January you can expect temperatures around 30 °C. Spanish is spoken.

To avoid going the usual tourist ways, we recommend considering a tour guide. It does not cost much, the guides speak German and know every corner of the cit

Credit cards are accepted. Nevertheless, many restaurants or stores require only cash or a minimum purchase if you want to pay by credit card. Before making a purchase, find out if you can pay by credit card and what the terms are. It is recommended to carry a small amount of cash with you. Remember that there is high inflation in Argentina, exchange rates are constantly changing. Whatever you do, be discreet and avoid showing your wallet. A tip of 10% to 15% is expected but not mandatory.

If you are going directly to the airport, take a cab which can be obtained directly at the pier. From the port to the International Airport Ezeiza (EZE) it is about 40 km, via the highway you need about 45 minutes.

Your ship: Azamara

A cruise for
couples with sophisticated entertainment!

The Azamara is registered in Malta and was built by Chantiers de L'Atlantique,
Nazaire in France. On board, 408 staff and crew members
ensure the well-being of the passengers. The 30,277 gross tonne vessel has a cruising speed of 18.5 knots, a length of 180 and a beam of 25 meters.

Pool deck Azamara
  • 345 cabins and suites in 8 categories
  • Six dining options including cabin service
  • Four complimentary restaurants
  • Two specialty restaurants ($)
  • Eight bars and lounges
  • Eight guest decks
  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi's
  • Four on-board shops
  • Casino
  • Fitness Centre
  • Textile & nudist areas on board
  • Play lounge
  • Provocative evening entertainment
  • Spa Service ($)
  • Cosmetic salon ($)
  • Wi-Fi packages available ($)
  • Guided shore excursions ($)
  • The ship is barrier-free
You cruise with the best!

And we offer you the best service ...

  • Exquisite delights

    An exclusive, local and culinary experience.

  • Tantalizing entertainment

    Sexy theme nights, pool parties, animation and contests.

  • Booking details

    Everything you need to know to book your cruise at a glance.

  • Highlights of the Cruise

    The most important points of this cruise at a glance.

Do you have any questions?

Can we smoke on board?

There is a smoking area. This is located on the port side in the forward area of the pool deck. Smoking areas are marked with signs indicating that smoking is permitted there. All other areas of the ship are non-smoking. This includes all public areas, restaurants, the pool deck, cabins and suites, balconies, hallways and corridors. For the comfort of guests, strict adherence to this policy is requested. Changes may be made if local smoking regulations require.

Can we choose a specific cabin, or will we be assigned one?

You always book only the cabin type (balcony cabin, inside cabin, etc.). The cabin is therefore usually always assigned to you. On request and against payment of a service fee of 29,- Euro you can choose your desired cabin. You will receive a cabin guide from us and we will be happy to advise you by phone in the selection of your desired cabin.

For regular customers of Aphrodite Travel and all guests who book a suite the service remains free of charge..

Note: You can also download Aphrodite's cabin guide for free if you sign up for our newsletter.

Can I travel as a single person?

No, unfortunately, as a single you will not get on board a couples-only charter cruise. Please book an adult cruise, singles are welcome here. If one of the two partners does not come on board or leaves the ship prematurely, both partners must leave the ship or neither partner will come on board. As a precaution, we would like to point out that in this case a refund of the tour price by the organizer is excluded.

What additional costs will we incur?

There are no additional costs for you. Excepted are expenses for your personal needs. For example, if you wish to participate in a guided shore excursion, you must add these costs to your travel expenses. All prices on board are exclusive of taxes. Please take this into account when making your expenses.

What documents did we need to join the cruise?

You need a valid passport, which must be valid for 6 months after the end of the trip.

You need a manifest, which you can apply for online in advance. You will receive the login data for your manifest from us. We will send you this login data by email. If you do not do the online check-in (manifest), this must be done on site on the day of departure. This will take much longer and you must be at the port at least 3 hours before departure.

If you wish and for a service fee of 25 euros per person, we will do this work for you. To do this, you must give us the order and release us from the obligations of data protection. You can request a corresponding form from us.

What is included in the cruise?

The following services are included on the cruise:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Snacks such as hamburgers, cakes, ice cream and more
  • Drinks such as coffee, tea, water
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages from the premium beverage package
  • All taxes and fees, including gratuities, port charges, security fees
  • All onboard entertainment
  • $300 shipboard credit for World Owner Suite, Ocean Suite and Spa Suite
  • Workshops and seminars that provide useful information to enrich your sex life
  • Fitness Center, with group classes and fitness equipment

What kind of entertainment can I expect on my trip?

Venetian Night with Masks, Heavenly White Night, Sailors and Sailor Girls, Silver & Gold, Heels & Stockings, Famous Movie Couples like Harry & Sally, Grand Prix, Sea Safari and many more. The mood is always positive, exuberant and sexy too. There is an extensive entertainment program in the evening. During the day there are animations at the pool. Full body orgasm classes, rope bondage classes, classes with sex therapists, dance classes like Bachata, Kizomba, Belly Dance & Pole Dance. Please refer to the descriptions on our website. The on-board language is English.