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Hotel review

New hotel rating system for our customers

Today we have installed and activated our new hotel rating system.
Please note that we had to delete all old customer reviews.

We did not manage to take over the old customer ratings after we installed a completely new hotel rating system. Since many of the hotel ratings were already several years old and no longer corresponded to the conditions on site of the hotels, we came to the decision, no further effort to take over these partly outdated hotel ratings.

Of course, all the vouchers you receive for your hotel review, but have not yet exchanged, retain their validity. The new hotel reviews are created faster. Furthermore, we have divided the text fields into "what was positive" and "what was negative".

If no hotel review has been submitted for a hotel yet, the link on the hotel page is inactive and you will not see a preview of the last three hotel reviews. Only when a customer has rated the hotel, the link is active, which can also be seen in the number of submitted customer reviews. Clicking on the link will take you to the hotel review. You can find more information about the hotel rating in the F.A.Q.